The Pedalfactory is a company with a focus on the design, the creation and the sales of unique bicycles and bicycle related products. Our philosophy is to develop high quality products, use durable materials, and to cooperate with specialists in our network. Our customers are key in our philosophy, where the customer approach is always personal and service oriented.

The Pedalfactory is the umbrella to connect different products and brands. Pedalfactory binds different brands with its philosophy and focus on great and cool products, true stories and great people.

Sandwichbikes and Brikbikes are brands of the Pedalfactory.

 Our activities are:

  • The Pedalfactory is responsible for Sandwichbikes and Brikbikes
  • The Pedalfactory combines a strong focus on online communication with a presentation at selected retail locations
  • The Pedalfactory products are sold and distributed worldwide
  • The Pedalfactory is always looking for new retail and business partners to represent the different brands and products
  • The Pedalfactory is designing and developing new bicycle concepts and ideas
  • The Pedalfactory is cooperating with several partners in the industry